Collection: Precast Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Bake with the best

So what makes The Woodfired Co. pizza oven kits stand out from the rest? Simply put, we use the best quality materials across our range, ensuring you’re able to in turn create the best quality pizzas.

Our brick ovens are crafted using fire bricks rated to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (815 degrees Celsius), which are ‘over engineered’ to ensure they are more than capable of withstanding everyday heating and cooling. These bricks will never break down over time and can easily handle the ‘thermal shock’ process, even on a daily basis. In short, this means your oven is an investment that will stand the test of time, and you can rest assured that brick crumbs won’t become part of your pizza topping!

How do pizza oven kits work?

We’ve all seen videos of people building DIY pizza ovens in their backyard from straw and mud; the reality is, these videos fail to capture the difficulty involved, nor do they show how the oven fares months down track after numerous backyard pizza parties. Thanks to The Woodfired Co. there is an easier and far more reliable way to create your dream oven.

Made from the highest quality materials, our pizza oven kits arrive pre-cut, meaning only basic assembly is needed to create a reliable backyard masterpiece. These ovens are designed to hold their heat for up to an incredible 72 hours (or in some cases, even more), allowing you to harness the heat for a number of days running; pizza tonight, freshly baked bread for breakfast in the morning! From roasts to smoked meats, our ovens are capable of far more than pizzas alone.

With a range of styles and sizes on offer, there is a pizza oven to suit all scenarios. The Woodfired Co. kits range in size from 850mm to 1500mm and can cook anything from three to 12 pizzas at once, making them not only suitable for the home chef, but also commercial applications.

Start playing with fire

If you’re ready to transform your backyard into an open-air Italian restaurant, The Woodfired Co. can help make that dream a reality – and you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. Our Australian-made pizza oven kits are the perfect way to quickly and easily install the oven of your dreams, bringing with it that unmistakable scent that we all know and love.

Committed to unbeatable prices and professional service, there is no better place to shop than The Woodfired Co. To view our full range of oven kits, click here.