Collection: Designer Brick Pizza Ovens

The benefits of brick

The discoveries of brick ovens have been made in excavations of many ancient cultures around the world, and for good reason: quality bricks hold their heat and create an effective and economical way to cook a wide range of foods.

Brick absorbs heat, so when you light a fire in the oven, the heat may begin at the source – but it is held and amplified by the bricks, creating a higher temperature that is maintained evenly throughout. The Woodfired Co. brick ovens are rated to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (815 degrees Celsius), meaning your oven is able to cope with heat well beyond what is required to create the perfect pizza. Ultimately, this means your oven will last year in year out; the bricks will never break down or crumble – even when repeatedly heated and cooled over consecutive days. 

The high heat made possible by brick construction results in the ability to cook pizzas within a couple of minutes, something that is of key importance when it comes to recreating Naples’ best-known delicacy in your own backyard. When cooking many pizzas, this fast turnover time makes it possible to have large gatherings fed in quick succession! Not only that, but the intense heat leads to crispier, tastier toppings and a unique, slightly smoky flavour that only a true woodfired oven can produce; there really is nothing else quite like it.

Unmatched versatility

The Woodfired Co. brick ovens are designed to hold their heat for up to 72 hours (or in some cases, even more), allowing you to harness that heat for a number of days running. This means you can cook dinner for family and friends, and then step outside the next morning to create an amazing breakfast with the remnant heat. More than a pizza oven, they can create virtually anything a regular oven can – from roast meat to baked bread and more. You’re really only limited by your imagination.

If you’re looking to add a brick pizza oven to your backyard – or even if you’re considering one to help take your commercial business to the next level – look no further than the Australian-made models on offer at The Woodfired Co. With a range of styles and sizes to choose from, there is a design to suit every occasion. Click here to explore the possibilities.