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1800MM Commercial Parrilla fire box multi grill

1800MM Commercial Parrilla fire box multi grill

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Introducing our latest culinary masterpiece, the Australian-made 1800mm x 1200mm Parrilla Grill/Firebox, designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights. Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, this versatile grill is a testament to both functionality and durability.
Exceptional Australian Craftsmanship: The heart of this grill boasts a sturdy body meticulously crafted from Australian-made steel, ensuring longevity and strength. We take immense pride in supporting local craftsmanship, and our commitment to quality shines through every inch of this grill.
Premium Stainless Steel Cooking Components: The grill's cooking chain and hangers are forged from 304 stainless steel, renowned for its corrosion resistance and exceptional heat retention properties. This guarantees your grill's performance will remain top-notch for years to come.
Commercial-Grade Cooking: Prepare to cater to a crowd with an impressive 2.2 square meters of cooking surface. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or running a commercial kitchen, this grill has the capacity to meet your demands.
Heavy-Duty Mesh Cooking Surface: The cooking surface features heavy-duty mesh that can withstand the rigors of high-temperature cooking. It's not just built to last; it's designed for superior heat distribution, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection every time.
User-Friendly Design: To make your grilling experience seamless, we've incorporated lifting handles on the cooking surface, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your food while cooking. No more struggling with cumbersome tools; just simple, intuitive control.
Versatile Culinary Possibilities: With this Parrilla Grill/Firebox, your culinary horizons are boundless. Grill mouthwatering cuts of meat to perfection, slow cook meats for that fall-off-the-bone tenderness, or hang large pieces of meat for a captivating display of cooking prowess. You can even toss your favorite vegetables onto the grill for a well-rounded feast that satisfies every palate.
Elevate your outdoor cooking game and be the envy of your neighbors or the star of your restaurant with our Australian-made Parrilla Grill/Firebox. With its robust construction, generous cooking space, and endless culinary possibilities, this grill is ready to transform your barbecue sessions into unforgettable experiences. Don't just cook; create culinary masterpieces with confidence using our exceptional grill.

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