Favourite Wood Fired Foods and Pizza Toppings

Wood-fired ovens were the only type of ovens available before the invention of electric ovens. So, anything you’ve ever made in a conventional oven can also be made (and made better) in a wood-fired oven. Fish is one of the best dishes to make in your wood-fired oven.

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How to Grow a Pizza Garden

A pizza garden is a circular plot in your yard, which is divided into pie sections, making it look like a pizza itself. In each pie section, you’ll grow a different herb or veggie. For example, oregano in one, tomatoes in another, basil in yet another, and so forth. Some things are a must-have on almost any kind of pizza. Here are the non-negotiables of your pizza garden.

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5 Advantages Of Having A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-fired pizza ovens cook at higher temperatures than regular ovens, which is part of the reason that their pizzas are superior in flavour. Another huge advantage of pizza ovens? They create a centre for your guests to sit around and socialise. If choose the right manufacturer, you’ll only have to buy a pizza oven once in your lifetime.

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5 Appliances Every Outdoor Kitchen Should Have

The wood-fired pizza oven is, in every way, the heart of your outdoor kitchen. The wood-fired oven is what truly separates your outdoor kitchen, making it unique. It allows you to make mouth-watering, traditional pizza, along with roast meats and veggies that come out with that distinct charcoal flavour.

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Outdoor Living Inspiration

You simply can’t perfect your outdoor living environment without the perfect outdoor cooking tool. Leave the barbecue in the rear-view mirror: we’re talking about a wood-fired oven. The ovens from The Wood Fired Co are versatile, unique and durable.

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3 Steps To Improve An Outdoor Kitchen

Improving your outdoor kitchen isn’t just a nice thing to do for yourself. It’s an investment! By updating your outdoor kitchen, you add value to your home while making your space more liveable. In this post, the outdoor cooking experts at The Wood Fired Co show you how to take your outdoor kitchen from drab to fab.

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Choosing a commercial pizza oven

There are so many commercial pizza oven options on the market right now, so no wonder you might be confused! Let’s start off by giving you a few things to consider when choosing your commercial pizza oven.

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