Commercial Pizza Ovens

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From corner cafés to five-star restaurants, quality and consistency are key ingredients to any hospitality business. An integral part of the recipe is the equipment used; after all, a pizza is only as good as the oven it is cooked in!

Here in Australia, we love our pizza; it’s always a sure-fire hit that can be catered to suit all tastes and occasions, and when done well, there really is nothing better. At The Woodfired Co., we’ve made it our mission to supply quality ovens capable of producing pizza as good as anywhere you would find in Naples. Our range of woodfired, gas and hybrid ovens have been crafted using materials specifically suited to the job at hand – resulting in authentic pizzas that are sure to please any crowd.

Fire up your commercial kitchen with The Woodfired Co.

Commercial kitchens can’t compromise when it comes to quality, and nor does The Woodfired Co. When it comes to our product range, we work with the best materials to produce superior quality products – in turn allowing you to create the best culinary experience for your customers.

Our range of brick ovens are rated to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (815 degrees Celsius), meaning they are able to cope with heat well beyond what is required to create pizza perfection. It is this intense heat that allows the pizzas to be cooked quickly – usually in just a minute or two – resulting in crispier toppings and crunchier crusts, as well as that taste and aroma associated with truly authentic Italian cuisine.

The bricks used in these ovens will never break down or crumble – even after repeated heating and cooling year in, year out – meaning you can rest assured our ovens are a solid business investment. Capable of retaining their heat for up to 72 hours or longer depending on the model, our ovens are an effective and efficient addition to any commercial kitchen – especially when long hours popping out pizzas is part of the equation.

From small ovens suited to businesses that operate on the road, to large-scale ovens for restaurants in need of maximum volume and efficiency, The Woodfired Co. is sure to have an option that will accommodate your specific commercial situation.

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You will find a wide range of pizza ovens here on our website, most of which have been designed for domestic purposes – although of course, they are capable of creating pizzas of the quality required in a commercial setting! However, if you are looking for an oven that is designed specifically to suit your hospitality business – whether it be a restaurant, pizza shop, food truck, wine bar, brewery or any other sort of commercial kitchen – please get in touch to discuss your requirements, as we have options particularly suited to these purposes. Our friendly team are always happy to talk through your business needs and suggest a range of options that will not only get the job done – but lift your pizza-producing capabilities to the next level! Click here to contact us today.


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