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What Tools Do I Need for a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven? The 10 Things That You Need When Owning an Oven

Owning a wood-fired oven also means having the right tools to use with it for a complete and enjoyable cooking experience. These tools make the process easier and safer and help you achieve the best possible results, turning every pizza night into a delicious success.

Whether you're cooking for family, friends, or just for yourself, being well-prepared will enhance the flavour of your pizzas and the overall experience of using your wood-fired oven.

Why Invest in The Right Tool for Your Wood Fired Oven

If you've invested in a wood-fired pizza oven, you've already made a fantastic choice for making delicious, authentic pizzas at home. But owning the oven is just the start. Having the right tools to enjoy the experience and get the best results would be best.

You might wonder, "Do I need all these tools?" The answer is a resounding yes! Let me explain why.

Enhance Your Cooking Experience

Having the right tools makes cooking with your wood-fired oven a breeze. Imagine manoeuvring a pizza without a proper peel – a disaster waiting to happen. A good pizza peel lets you slide your pizza in and out of the oven smoothly without any toppings flying. Trust me; it makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

Achieve Perfect Results

Using the right tools ensures that your pizzas cook perfectly every time. An infrared thermometer helps you hit that sweet spot for baking – too hot, and you'll burn the crust; too cool, and you'll end up with a soggy bottom. You can bake your pizza perfectly with a beautiful, crispy crust and melted, bubbly toppings with precise temperature control.

Maintain Your Oven

Your wood-fired oven is an investment; like any investment, it needs proper care. An oven brush and ash rake help you keep your oven clean and in top shape. Regular cleaning prevents ash and debris from affecting the flavour of your pizzas and helps your oven last longer. Plus, a clean oven looks nicer.

Safety First

Working with a wood-fired oven means dealing with high temperatures and open flames. Heat-resistant gloves are essential for protecting your hands and arms from burns. They give you the confidence to handle hot tools and adjust the fire safely so you can focus on making great pizza without worrying about accidents.

Impress Your Guests

Having the right tools not only makes you a better cook, but it also looks impressive. When friends and family see you using professional-grade tools, they'll know you mean business. And when they taste your perfectly cooked pizzas, they'll be even more impressed!

Make Cleanup Easier

No one likes cleaning up, but it's a necessary part of cooking. The right tools can make this chore quicker and easier. An oven brush lets you sweep out ash effortlessly, and a good pizza cutter slices through your pizza cleanly, making serving and cleanup a breeze.

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10 Must-Have Tools and Accessories When Having a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Ready to elevate your wood-fired pizza game? Here's a list of the top 10 must-have tools for your wood-fired pizza oven. These tools are not just accessories but the secret ingredients to perfect pizzas.

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is an absolute necessity. With a long handle and a flat surface, it allows you to slide your pizzas in and out of the oven effortlessly. We recommend a wooden peel for prepping and launching your pizza and a metal peel for turning and retrieving it once it's cooked. The wooden peel prevents the dough from sticking, while the metal peel is thin enough to slip under the pizza without disturbing the toppings. This combination gives you control and precision throughout the baking process.

Infrared Thermometer

To bake the perfect pizza, you need to know the exact temperature of your oven. An infrared thermometer provides a quick and accurate temperature reading, ensuring your oven is hot enough for that crispy crust but not too hot to burn. Point the thermometer at the oven floor to get an instant readout. This tool helps you maintain consistent baking conditions, which is crucial for achieving that authentic wood-fired flavour and texture.

Oven Brush

Keeping your oven clean is crucial for maintaining its performance and the flavour of your pizzas. An oven brush with sturdy bristles helps you sweep out ash and food debris between bakes, keeping the cooking surface clean and ready for the next pizza. A clean oven not only improves the taste of your food but also extends the life of your oven. Look for a brush with a long handle to reach the back of the oven without getting too close to the heat.

Ash Rake

Managing the fire and heat inside your oven is key to great pizza. An ash rake helps you move hot coals and ash around, ensuring even heat distribution and making it easier to maintain the ideal cooking environment. By arranging the coals properly, you can create a consistent and balanced heat source that cooks your pizza evenly. This tool also removes excess ash that can affect airflow and cooking efficiency.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

Safety first! Heat-resistant gloves protect your hands and arms from the oven's intense heat. These gloves are essential for handling hot tools and adjusting the fire without getting burned. It's important to have protection when working with an oven that can reach temperatures of 900°F or more. Quality gloves will allow you to move coals, adjust logs, and confidently handle hot peels, keeping you safe while cooking.

Pizza Cutter

A sharp, durable pizza cutter is essential for slicing your perfectly baked pizza into manageable pieces. Look for a cutter that glides through the crust without dragging the toppings, making serving a breeze. There are various types of pizza cutters, including wheel cutters and rocker blades. Choose one that feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to clean. A good cutter ensures clean, neat slices, enhancing your presentation and dining experience.

Dough Scraper

A dough scraper is a versatile tool that helps you easily manage and portion your pizza dough. It's perfect for scraping dough bits from your work surface and dividing it into equal portions. This tool is especially handy for home bakers who make their dough from scratch. It helps handle sticky dough and keep your workspace tidy. A dough scraper also aids in transferring dough to your peel without tearing or stretching it.

Pizza Stone or Baking Steel

If your wood-fired oven doesn't have a built-in stone, a pizza stone or baking steel is a must. These tools help distribute heat evenly, giving your pizza that perfect crispy base and evenly cooked toppings. A pizza stone retains and radiates heat, mimicking the floor of a wood-fired oven, while baking steel conducts heat even more efficiently, leading to a crispier crust. Both options enhance the overall quality of your pizza, ensuring a well-cooked bottom and bubbly toppings.

Pizza Turning Peel

A pizza-turning peel is smaller and rounder than a regular peel, making it perfect for turning your pizza in the oven to ensure it cooks evenly. This tool is especially useful for achieving that perfect, evenly charred crust. By rotating your pizza during baking, you ensure that every side gets equal exposure to the intense heat, preventing burnt spots and undercooked areas. A turning peel gives you the agility to manage your pizza's position without removing it from the oven.

Dough Proofing Box

A dough-proofing box provides the ideal environment for your dough to rise. It keeps your dough balls at the right temperature and humidity, ensuring they develop the perfect texture and flavour for your pizzas. Consistent proofing conditions result in a dough that's airy and easy to stretch, which is crucial for making a light, tender crust. A proofing box also helps organize and store dough, protecting it from drafts and contaminants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use regular kitchen tools instead of specialized pizza oven tools?

While some regular kitchen tools might suffice in a pinch, specialized tools are designed to handle the high temperatures and specific needs of a wood-fired oven, making the process safer, easier, and more effective.

How often should I clean my wood-fired pizza oven?

It's a good practice to clean your oven after every use. Use an oven brush to sweep out ash and debris, and occasionally, give it a more thorough cleaning by removing any build-up that might affect performance and flavour.

How often should I clean my wood-fired pizza oven?

It's a good practice to clean your oven after every use. Use an oven brush to sweep out ash and debris, and occasionally, give it a more thorough cleaning by removing any build-up that might affect performance and flavour.

What's the best way to store my pizza-making tools?

Store your pizza-making tools in a dry, cool place. Hang peels and brushes on hooks to keep them off the ground and avoid moisture damage. For easy access, keep smaller tools like thermometers and cutters in a designated drawer or toolbox.


Investing in the right tools for your wood-fired pizza oven can significantly enhance your cooking experience and the quality of your pizzas. Each tool serves a specific purpose, making the process smoother, safer, and more enjoyable. From essential items like the pizza peel and infrared thermometer to helpful accessories like heat-resistant gloves and a dough scraper, having the right equipment can make all the difference.

Remember, the key to great pizza is the ingredients, recipe, and tools you use. Equipping yourself with these must-have items will make you well on your way to becoming a pizza-making pro. Enjoy experimenting with different techniques and flavours, and most importantly, have fun with the process.

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