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What is the Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Want to be the envy of your friends and family? A wood fired pizza is a great addition to any backyard, and perfect for families and households who love to cook and invite guests over. If you’re on the hunt for a wood fired pizza oven, here’s how to find the best one.

What size are you after?

Pizza ovens come in various sizes, which will be dependent on the amount of people you will be cooking for. A family pizza oven would probably be a simple small one, but if you plan on serving to a big party you might find yourself in the market for a larger design.

Look at materials

Ovens can come in a variety of materials, which can influence the aesthetic or the temperature and heat up time. Brick and stone ovens can be reasonably fuel efficient as they retain heat well, with stone being the more expensive option. There are also clay/cob models. Steel ovens are usually a preferred option for that indoor outdoor look and match well with modern homes. They’re also reasonably easier to clean and maintain. Overall, you should choose a material based on what’s most important to you! 

Placement and space

It’s important you scope out the placement and available space for your oven before committing to any size or shape. It’s not just the available space for the oven itself, but how you can pull out the pizzas and serve to your guests. You’ll also want to make sure that your oven matches the space you already have! 

Heat retention and heat up speed

This can change based on the structure of the oven as well as the fuel source and burn. If you are serving multiple pizzas back and forth you will likely want to ensure your oven’s temperature is effectively controlled. 

Mouth and door

The mouth, or door, should not only be large enough to get your pizzas in and out, but the size should also help dissipate or maintain the temperature when opening or closing the oven. It should also be stable and have a heat proof handle for your safety.

Your new oven from The Wood Fired Co

Ready to make a choice? The Wood Fired Co has you sorted with options to suit any household. If your oven is for home use, you can choose between two of our stylish, authentic options: 
  • Pre Cast Ovens: A pre cast oven will have elements already constructed so it requires less build time. It also means that you can build it on a steel frame stand. 
  • Brick Ovens: Brick ovens need to be built brick by brick, which makes it a great DIY project for households. The Wood Fired Co has easy to use instructions so you can setup your oven without the need of any technicians.

Ready to add flavour to your backyard? Enquire with The Wood Fired Co today and we’ll get started on preparing your new oven.

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