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What is The Best Pizza Oven 2021?

Finding the best pizza oven in 2021 is a difficult task. It’s not like choosing your meal at the pub: obviously, you’re going to get the chicken parma. It’s a little trickier with pizza ovens, because there are loads on the market which will get your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling. We’ve decided to write you a guide on how to pick the perfect pizza oven for you.

Best small ovens

Sometimes, biggest isn’t necessarily best. Small pizza ovens are perfect for families who enjoy a quiet Friday night pizza dinner, and occasional hosting of family and friends. If you’ve got limited space in your yard, then a smaller scale pizza oven is also what you’re after. Two of the best small pizza ovens are the Calabrese 800, offering a traditional pizza oven at an affordable price, and the Calabrese 800 Neo, which has a stainless steel front for a modern look and convenience. These ovens are ultra affordable, easy to maintain and are perfect for everyday pizza needs. They have a three pizza capacity and can retain heat for 72 hours.

Best medium size ovens

Want something that’s able to feed a few extra hungry mouths? You’re probably after a high quality, medium scale pizza oven. This is the ideal size if you’re planning on impressing your family and friends with your pizza making skills on a more regular basis. If you’re after the best medium size pizza oven of 2021, look no further than the Calabrese Entertainer models. These bad boys have a five pizza capacity, making it ideal for dinners and parties with five to ten people. Roasts are also a speciality for the Calabrese Entertainer models, infusing that delicious smoky flavour in all of your favourite meats and veggies.

Best large ovens

Consider yourself a pizza king? Want to have the status of pizza master amongst your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who steps into your home? Sounds like you need a big pizza oven to satisfy a number of big appetites. The best large ovens on the market have got to be the Calabrese Grande series by the Wood Fired Co. These things are designed for the avid entertainer, holding a whopping nine pizzas. An endless amount of meat and veg is able to be cooked in a Calabrese Grande pizza oven, so if you’re thinking of hosting Christmas at your place this year, it’s the ideal oven for it. Decided which of these best pizza ovens is the right fit for you? Get in touch with the Wood Fired Co to get it delivered! These high quality, handcrafted pizza ovens are available across Australia and New Zealand, and can be installed by a dedicated technician near you. Simply contact the Wood Fired Co and take the pizza oven plunge today!

Home made pizza - The Woodfired Co
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