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What is The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven to Buy?

If there’s one thing that’s going to shut your cocky siblings up, who are constantly gloating about how great their lives are, it’s investing in an outdoor pizza oven. Then, you can invite them all round for dinner, serve up the tastiest pizza they’ve ever eaten, and they’ll have to be a little humbler.

Just kidding…we know you love your siblings. But if you do find yourself in this position, then you’ll need to take it step by step. First, figure out which pizza oven is best for you. That’s what we’re going to try to figure out today.

Wood Fired Co. Calabrese 800 range

Not everybody needs an outdoor pizza oven that can make enough loafs of bread for the whole street. For smaller families, a smaller pizza oven will do the job just fine. Space is another consideration of course; you may only have room for a smaller scale pizza oven in your outdoor entertaining area. Two of the best small pizza ovens are the Calabrese 800, offering a traditional pizza oven at an affordable price, and the Calabrese 800 Neo, which has a stainless steel front for a modern look and convenience. These ovens are ultra affordable, easy to maintain and are perfect for everyday pizza needs. They have a three pizza capacity and can retain heat for 72 hours.

Wood Fired Co. Calabrese Entertainer range

Now, we come closer to that territory of ‘I want to make a number of “revenge dinners” for members of my family’. If that sounds like it’s up your alley, then you’re probably in need of the Calabrese Entertainer models. These awesome, medium-scale pizza ovens have a five pizza capacity, making it ideal for dinners and parties with five to ten people. Roasts are also a speciality for the Calabrese Entertainer models, holding enough meat and veggies for family roasts.

Wood Fired Co. Calabrese Grande range

And if you have a number of hungry mouths to feed or you’re considered the prime entertainer amongst your family, then you’re going to need something a bit larger. This is where we introduce the holy grail of outdoor pizza ovens: the Calabrese Grande range. These things are designed for the regular dinner party host, holding a whopping nine pizzas. This makes it perfect for roasting meat and veg and is the ideal outdoor oven if you usually host Christmas at your place, or are thinking of undertaking that role.

The Wood Fired Co. are Australia’s No.1 manufacturer of handcrafted, quality outdoor pizza ovens. Using only the best bricks, their ovens are built for thousands of uses, lasting you a lifetime. Get in touch with The Wood Fired Co. to learn more about their pizza ovens or to discuss getting them delivered and assembled today.

Spinach pizza - The Woodfired Co
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