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What is the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for Home Use?

There’s nothing better than an authentic, wood fired pizza. And the only way to get it is through a real pizza oven. If you want to have woodfired pizzas at home, you’ll likely want a pizza oven! If you’re looking to install an outdoor pizza oven for your home, here’s how you can get the best one.

Size of the oven

There are various sizes of pizza ovens and you’ll want to choose a size that suits your usage and needs. If you’re making pizzas for the family on weekends, a smaller oven should be suitable, but if you plan on hosting large gatherings on the regular you might like to invest in a larger model.

Choosing the materials

Pizza ovens can be made from various materials, which you consider based on heat retention or general aesthetic.
  • Stone: Stone ovens retain heat well and have a sleek appearance. They are a very fuel efficient option but depending on the choice of stone they can be more expensive than other options.
  • Brick: Brick is an incredibly fuel efficient option and many people prefer the look for outdoor settings. They are a more cost effective option to stone.
  • Clay: Clay/cob is a natural way of building ovens using natural resources such as clay. It’s a much cheaper alternative to both stone and brick, but does have a risk of the baking chamber cracking when not fired properly.
  • Steel: Steel ovens are usually preferred for modern homes with an existing steel aesthetic. It can offer a sleek alternative to the classic appearance and is usually easier to maintain and clean up after use.

Placement and space

Make sure you’re confident in the placement and space of your oven, with room for the mouth and door, and for you to easily serve your creations. You might also consider the existing style of your backyard to decide on your oven.

Heat retention and heat up speed

Temperature and heat up speed may be a priority if you plan on serving multiple guests consecutively. Opening and closing the mouth can impact the temperature, but brick and stone usually retains this heat easily. The heat up speed may also influence the amount of fuel you use thus the energy and cost required, so make sure you check on the speed and temperature maintenance of your new oven before committing.

Get your oven at The Wood Fired Co

There are two main options for outdoor pizza ovens for home use:
  • Pre Cast: If you’re looking for a quick installation and a great looking oven, pre-cast is a great option. This pre-cast oven is designed for easy installation and efficiency.
  • Brick: For a rustic appearance a brick oven is perfect. As it takes longer to install, we’ve made it easy for our customers to build their own, with all the materials you need and easy DIY instructions so you can build something you’re proud of!

Ready to choose? Get in touch!

We’ve got a range of pizza ovens available for you to order and are always available to answer any of your questions. Start serving up delicious, authentic wood fired pizzas in the comfort of your own backyard.

Pile of woods - The Woodfired Co
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