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What is The Best Commercial Pizza Oven?

Starting your own pizzeria, or upgrading its kitchen? You’ll need a large, high-quality commercial pizza oven to bring in the dough… literally! A restaurant is nothing without its pizza oven, which is why it’s so important you get one that’s the right size, built to last and cooks the best quality pizza. How do you know you’re choosing the best commercial pizza oven? Take a look at our tips below!

How big is your restaurant?

This is the first question to ask yourself when choosing the best commercial pizza oven for you. The larger your restaurant, the larger your pizza oven will need to be. Also, take into account sales from takeaway orders which are a huge part of being a restaurant in this day and age.

Where are you going to put it?

Don’t be that guy who says, ‘in the kitchen’. The placement of your commercial oven will also influence which oven to choose. Popular spots are in the corner so that everyone can see your pizzas being made, or simply against a wall in the kitchen to save space. Outdoor pizza ovens are also increasingly popular. This adds a special vibe to your restaurant, with people preferring to sit outdoors on a warm night and see their delicious pizzas being crafted in front of their eyes. Think about these options and decide which commercial pizza oven suits your situation the best.

What’s your budget?

You should consider how much you need to spend on your commercial pizza oven before you shop around for one. There’s no point in buying the biggest, most expensive oven if you’re only setting up a small place, and it wouldn’t be a great idea to skimp out on the size of your oven if you’re setting up a large restaurant.

Whose range should you prioritise in checking out?

When it comes to buying the best commercial pizza oven, you want a manufacturer who builds their ovens from Aussie materials here in Australia. This way, you know that your oven is built from the best materials and is, therefore, built to last. Going with a local means there are no headaches in setting it up, no international phone numbers to deal with and every dollar stays right here in Australia. At The Wood Fired Co, they tick all of these boxes and more. Choosing the best commercial pizza oven involves thinking about all of these factors, but it starts with contacting The Wood Fired Co. They’re experts in both domestic and commercial pizza oven production, using all-Aussie materials to create the highest quality pizza oven going. For a range of commercial pizza ovens, made locally and at affordable prices, check out The Wood Fired Co online or call up one of their team members today.

Healthy home made pizza - The Woodfired Co
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