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What Can You Cook With a Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Have you ever wondered what makes wood-fired cooking so special?

I know I did until I got my hands on a wood-fired pizza oven. Let me tell you. It's like unlocking a whole new world of flavours and textures—the crackling of the wood, the aroma 

filling the air—nothing short of magical.

When we hear about wood-fired ovens, we often think of one recipe. Pizza! 

But let me tell you, you can make a lot of good food from this amazing oven. 

Read on as I will be sharing my and my family's personal favourite (which I already tried and loved) wood-fired oven recipes!

What Makes Cooking in Wood-Fired Oven Special?

What's all the fuss about using a wood-fired oven? 

Well, the secret lies in the method. 

The high heat, smokey flavour, and even cooking temperatures transform ordinary foods into remarkable gourmet treats. It's not just about baking pizza; it's about giving everything that homey, smokey taste that only wood-fired ovens can.

Bear in mind that there are also different types of wood-fired pizza ovens that you can choose from. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, there will always be a perfect model that is available for you. Considering you need clarification about which one to get, you can always talk to expert wood fire oven manufacturers around your area.

Pro tip: Make sure you only talk to the experts! 

Meat roasted inside wood fire oven

10 Mouthwatering Recipes You Can Cook With a Wood-fired Oven

Roasted Vegetables

We had this colourful dish on a cozy evening. Our family gathered around the wood-fired oven and a tray of vibrant roasted vegetables sizzling inside. These healthy roasted vegetables became the star of our cozy family dinner, reminding us that joy can be found in the simplest meals.

Wood-Fired Bread

There's something magical about Sunday mornings and the aroma of freshly baked bread. Placing it inside the wood-fired oven, I watched as it transformed into a golden masterpiece. The scent of warm bread filled the kitchen, drawing my family to the table. 

Wood-Fired Roast Chicken

With its even heat, the wood-fired oven turned our roast chicken skin crispy and golden while keeping the meat tender and juicy. My family often requested me to make this dish on Sunday dinners when everyone was present. 


Yes, casseroles! You wouldn't believe it, but when I attended a cozy gathering last summer, I was surprised to see my friend serving us a delightful Vegetable and Sausage Casserole using a wood-fired oven. 

Since that night, everyone in our group couldn't stop talking about the wood-fired casseroles. It showed us that even the simplest dish can become incredibly delicious and special with a good cook and a wood-fired oven.

Wood-Fired Smoked Salmon

I smoked salmon once in our wood-fired oven, and it tasted amazing. The result was a delicious gourmet dish reminiscent of lazy summer afternoons by the sea. Served with lemon, it transported us to the seaside, enhanced by the magic of the wood-fired oven.

I remember getting my recipe here.

Grilled Seafood

The wood-fired oven is your best friend if you want your fish grilled. Grilling seafood in this oven gives it a smokey sear that improves the flavour of anything from plump shrimp to flaky fish fillets. You can have your version of enjoying your grilled seafood, but we enjoyed having this meal with this recipe from here.

Smoked Ribs

No doubt. Smoked ribs!

Smoked ribs were the highlight of a backyard barbecue, cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The slow smoking process infused the meat with irresistible smoky flavour, resulting in messy fingers and satisfied smiles around the picnic table. 

Wood-Fired Roasted Potatoes

Roasted potatoes became a regular feature in our family dinners, especially when cooked in the wood-fired oven. We couldn't get enough of these smoky, golden-brown gems, and they became a family favourite in no time. It's plain and simple. I sliced some potatoes, tossed them in olive oil, and seasoned them with salt and pepper. Into the wood-fired oven, they went, the heat crisping the edges to perfection. 

Traditional wood fire cooking

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Wood Fired Cooking

Now that everyone is eager to attempt these dishes, allow me to provide some advice on how to make your wood-fired cooking endeavours a success:

Use the Right Wood

The same cannot be said for any wood. Hardwoods, such as oak, maple, or cherry, burn fiercely and cleanly in wood-fired ovens, giving your food a lovely smokiness.

Make sure you are using a quality wood fired pizza oven as well! It makes a great difference!

Preheat Properly

Allow enough time for the oven to warm up. This is not a race. Allow the temperature to rise to the ideal level, which for most meals is 700°F (370°C). This guarantees consistent cooking and the desired smokey taste.

Control the Fire

The art of fire management. To reach the correct temperature, learn how to control the flames and the airflow. Pizzas may taste better next to a crackling fire, but slow-cooked ribs may not.

Get a Pizza Peel 

A pizza peel is your best friend when cooking over a wood fire. It makes getting dishes into and out of the oven for pizzas, bread, or other food a snap. Additionally, it protects your fingertips from the sweltering heat.

Try Different Flavors

Try out different wood types and marinades without hesitation. Hickory delivers a richer, bacon-like taste, while alder offers a milder, sweeter smoke. Similar to how various marinades and rubs can dramatically change your meals. 

I am not a good cook but, trust me! This trick works!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does slow cooking work in a wood-fired oven?

Absolutely! Roasts, stews, and casseroles turn out well when cooked slowly in wood-fired ovens. The constant, mild heat makes meats more flavorful and tender. Move your dish closer to the oven's door, where the temperature is lower, and the cooking will be slower and more succulent.

Can I use a wood-fired oven to cook multiple foods at once?

Indeed, you can! Wood-fired ovens often have enough room to accommodate cooking many items at once. To guarantee consistent cooking, you must consider how you arrange the items. Rotating and shifting dishes as needed is crucial since they will cook more quickly if they are closer to the heat.

Can I can or preserve food in a wood-fired oven?

Wood-fired ovens are appropriate for this use because they can attain the high temperatures required for canning. To guarantee the security of the preserved food, the temperature must be carefully monitored. Use the proper canning methods and pay close attention to all safety precautions.

How can the temperature of a wood-fired oven be adjusted?

The amount of wood and the airflow in a wood-fired oven are adjusted to regulate the temperature. The heat may be increased or decreased by changing the vents or adding or removing wood. You must practice to become proficient, but you can maintain particular temperatures for different foods with time and practice.


Wood fire oven cooking is not limited to pizzerias. Your culinary masterpieces may soar to new heights with a wood-fired oven. The only restriction is your creativity, which includes everything from flawlessly roasted veggies to delectable cured salmon.

Take advantage of the fascination of cooking over a fire. Create foods that will warm your stomach and spirit by letting the roaring fire and the mouthwatering scent inspire you. So grab your ingredients, light the fire, and get ready to go on a savoury adventure that will make you crave more.

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