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What Can You Cook in a Pizza Oven Besides Pizza?

So, we all know that pizza ovens make the fluffiest, tastiest, moistest pizzas ever, but did you know they’re an incredibly versatile culinary weapon? There’s a world of new things to try cooking when you have a pizza oven: from juicy baked fish and chicken, to crispy roasted winter veggies! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your pizza oven – you may just find your next favourite dish. In this post, we give you a head start and rattle off a few fantastic ideas for things to cook besides pizza in your pizza oven.

Beer can chicken

Beer can chicken is a revolutionary way of cooking a chook, and it’s ideal in your pizza oven. Grab a standard Aussie beer, drink two-thirds of it, stick the chicken on the can and place it into your wood-fired oven so that it’s standing upright on the can. Wait until your chook is cooked and enjoy a juicy, fresh chicken. This is the best way to cook smoky, hot chicken at high heat without it becoming dry.

Winter veggies

You can cook all sorts of veggies in your pizza oven, but there’s something so wholesome about enjoying wood-fired winter veggies. Roast veggies are perfect to get more health into your life, and they cook super well in an outdoor wood-fired oven. Try everything from potatoes to broccolini to Brussels sprouts! Winter veggies are the perfect side dish for home-cooked pizza.


Focaccias are a warm, comforting and filling lunch food – and they’re fantastic in your pizza oven. Choose classic fillings like turkey and mozzarella or salmon and avocado. Then get your dough, bake it in the wood-fired oven and enjoy a crisp, healthy lunch.


Like chicken, you can cook marvellously succulent fish in your pizza oven. Get a fillet of your favourite fish, season it with some pepper, lemon juice, salt, chilli, dill or even some capers. Bake it in your pizza oven and reap the health benefits of a delicious fish meal.


Nope, this isn’t a practical joke: desserts can be fantastic to cook in your pizza oven. Try a range of desserts like cheesecakes and cooked fruits which are the ideal desserts for your pizza night, and you don’t even have to use two different cooking devices! The list goes on if we’re talking about foods besides pizza to cook in your pizza oven. Jump online and do some more research – there are endless options for pizza oven dishes. But first, you’ll be needing a high-quality boutique pizza oven to cook stuff in. This is where The Wood Fired Co enters the picture! They offer world-class pizza ovens, fire pits, fire bricks and so much more. They have quality products that are built to last and that come at affordable prices. Check out their range online and contact The Wood Fired Co to advance your culinary skills using a brand-new outdoor wood-fired oven.

Fresh bake pizza -  The Woodfired Co
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