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What Can I Cook in an Outdoor Wood Fired Oven?

It’d be a big commitment to buy an outdoor wood-fired oven if you could only make pizzas in it. You’d have to like pizza a lot. Like, a lot. But thankfully, wood-fired ovens aren’t just for pizzas. You can cook a whole range of delicious, nutritious meals in your wood-fired pizza oven – dishes that are taken to the next level with that smoky, charcoal flavour of burning wood. In this post, we go through our favourite things to cook in an outdoor wood-fired oven… other than pizza, of course.

Roast veggies

We believe that a healthy diet shouldn’t be about eating less: it should be about eating more. More vitamins, more antioxidants, more aphrodisiacs (wink, wink). Roast veggies are perfect to get more health into your life, and they cook super well in an outdoor wood-fired oven. They also make the perfect side dish to a wholesome home-cooked pizza.


One of our favourite things to cook in an outdoor wood-fired oven is chicken. Not just any chicken: beer can chicken. Grab a beer, drink two-thirds of it, stick the chicken on the can and place it into your wood-fired oven so that it’s standing upright on the can. This is the best way to cook juicy, smoky, hot chicken at high heat without it becoming dry.


It’s healthy and delicious, so why wouldn’t fish be another dish which you’ll cook in your wood-fired oven? Get a fillet of snapper, flathead, salmon or whatever you like. Chuck on some pepper, lemon juice, salt, chilli, dill or even some capers. Throw it in the oven, and we’re cooking with gas! I mean, wood.


Focaccias are the best lunch food ever. And they’re lovely when you cook them in an outdoor wood-fired oven. Choose whatever fillings you want, like turkey and mozzarella or salmon and avocado. Then get your dough, bake it in the wood-fired oven and enjoy a crisp, healthy lunch.


Desserts go great in a wood-fired oven – something that most people are surprised about. Things like cheesecakes and cooked fruits are the ideal desserts for your pizza night, and you don’t even have to use two different cooking devices! We’re sure that we’ve inspired you to try a whole bunch of other foods in an outdoor wood-fired oven. Now, all you have to do is invest in one. Do this with The Wood Fired Co. They’re one of Australia’s best-known pizza oven manufacturers, specialising in outdoor ovens, fire pits, fire bricks and so much more. They have quality products that are built to last and that come at affordable prices. Check out their range online and contact The Wood Fired Co to advance your culinary skills using a brand-new outdoor wood-fired oven.

Pizza with cheese and tomatoes - The Woodfired Co
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