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What Are The Three Key Elements To A Great Pizza Base?

The whole world is mad for pizza, whether we’re talking about a New York slice of thin, crusted pepperoni, a cheesy, gooey Chicago deep dish or the O.G. crispy and light margarita. Don’t get us wrong: it’s great eating out, but there’s nothing truly better than making your own pizza at home. You’re in complete control of your toppings. You have the option to be as experimental as you like, without being judged. There’s no better feeling than looking down at your pizza creation and thinking (ever so humbly), “what a masterpiece!” The base is the foundation to the pizza, making it the most important part of this delightful dish. So, with this in mind, The Wood Fired Co share three key elements to a great pizza base.

Why is the base so important?

The pizza base means serious business. It’s the backbone of your entire dish. You can have the best toppings and cheese, but if your base isn’t cooked properly you’re left with a soggy, inedible mess.


Just by taking a glance at a pizza crust, you’ll be able to tell what style pizza you’re eating. Everywhere around the world has their own take on the perfect pizza, including their own version of the ‘perfect crust’. It’s fair to say a wood-fired pizza crust compares to no other and is popular amongst foodies who enjoy food at its purest form. A good wood-fired crust will be crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside, have perfect little charred blisters and hold a wholesome, smoked flavour.

Thin and light

A thin base makes a great pizza, giving it that light, yet comforting feeling. It allows you to indulge in a few slices, without being left feeling heavy and too full to function. A thin base is also a bit of a security blanket if you like to add lots of toppings (guilty as charged). You can add all the toppings you desire and the base will still be cooked to perfection. A thick base won’t be as forgiving and you could be left with undercooked dough.

Cooked at the correct temperature

A wood-fired pizza oven is the crème de le crème cooking method for an elite pizza. It cooks at a much higher temperature than a conventional oven, giving you a smoky, traditional base which seems like it has come straight out of a pizzeria in Italy. Because the oven cooks at a higher temperature and quicker, this means your toppings will cook well, but remain fresh - holding their original form and nutritional value. Now that you’ve got the scoop on what makes a great pizza base, let’s give you the scoop on where to buy the best Aussie pizza oven. The Wood Fired Co offer a selection of premium quality, Australian-made wood-fired ovens. Their range of ovens span from small to large, stocking the ideal oven for every family. Contact The Wood Fired Co today to unleash your inner pizza maestro.

Pizza dough
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