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What Are The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

Picturing yourself having lovely summer afternoons at your place, hosting family and friends and serving up big plates of mouth-watering, homemade pizza? It’s time to stop picturing, and start living it out! So, the first thing you’ll need is an outdoor pizza oven. But how do you know you’re getting the best one for the price? It’s not every day that we go out and buy a pizza oven (and if that is the case, you should probably seek some help for that, or apply to go on My Strange Addiction). Considering we’ll probably only ever buy one outdoor pizza throughout our entire lifetime, it’s important that you get the decision right. The right decision starts with the Wood Fired Co.

Wood Fired Co. Outdoor Pizza Ovens

The Wood Fired Co. produce the best outdoor pizza ovens on the market. Available in a range of styles and sizes, the Wood Fired Co. pride themselves on delivering a high quality wood-fired oven at a very reasonable price. Their ovens are built to the highest standard, from the finest brick available. Let’s have a look at why these ovens are simply the best.

Brick quality

If you can’t handle the heat, then stay out of the kitchen… or pizza oven, in this case. Not all bricks are effective at handling the high heat of a pizza oven. The Wood Fired Co. use incredibly heat-resistant refractory bricks, rated at 1500 degrees Celsius, to construct their pizza ovens. This is more than enough heat resistance for whatever you’re cooking… unless you’re trying to melt steel or something.

Made in Australia, for Australia

You have to choose an Aussie-built pizza oven. The Wood Fired Co. are proudly based in Australia and proudly build in Australia. Their ovens are designed to excel in tough Aussie conditions, whether it’s the blistering heat of summer or rain and hail in winter.

Range of sizes

The Wood Fired Co. have a diverse range of sizes, meaning you’ll find the ideal pizza oven to suit your needs. Smaller families and occasional entertainers gravitate towards the Calabrese 800 range, holding three pizzas at a time. If you’ve got a couple of extra mouths to feed, the Calabrese Entertainer is a great option, holding five pizzas at a time. And with a whopping nine-pizza capacity, the Calabrese Grande is designed for light commercial and avid domestic use, ensuring that every soiree at your place is a hit! Look no further than the Wood Fired Co. for your lifetime investment of a quality outdoor pizza oven. Shipping Australia- and New Zealand-wide, their ovens can be easily DIY-assembled, or a technician can be arranged to assemble them for you. Make this summer a winner with a Wood Fired Co. outdoor pizza oven!

Whole pizza from oven - The Woodfired Co
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