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How to Protect Your Pizza Oven from Harsh Weather

Wood-fired pizza tastes great all year round. From long summer nights, enjoying delicious pizzas and refreshing drinks outdoors, to cosy winter dinners, enjoying the indoor warmth while sharing hot home-cooked pizzas. But one thing that may concern you about owning a pizza oven in Australia is our harsh weather conditions. From stifling heat to torrential rain, we get it all here in Australia. So, do we need to protect our pizza ovens from this harsh Aussie weather? Let’s discuss this further below.

Pizza ovens are durable

Pizza ovens, if made by the right manufacturer, tend to be incredibly sturdy and durable things. They’re either made from quality stainless steel or solid brick, and built to withstand temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius and higher. So, do we really need to protect our pizza ovens from harsh weather? It’s certainly advisable to protect it where possible.

Protecting from heat

Pizza ovens are built to withstand heat, so you shouldn’t worry about protecting your pizza oven from the sun in the summer. In fact, you should be more concerned about protecting yourself! When cooking outside on hot summer days, always be sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen. A pair of sunnies won’t hurt either.

Protecting from rain

Rain is ideally something we should protect our pizza ovens from. It’s very easy to protect your pizza oven from rain. If your pizza oven is not under a veranda, you can simply buy a tarp from your locally-owned hardware store and cover it when you’re not using it. You can also move it somewhere undercover if your pizza oven is on a galvanised metal frame with wheels.

Protecting from snow

There aren’t many places in Australia where snow is common, but if you are one of those lucky people in the Victorian or New South Wales Alps, then you should try your best to protect your pizza oven from the snow. This can be done by moving your pizza oven into the garage when not using it. Alternatively, you can get your Nanna to knit it a sweater.

More tips about protecting your pizza oven from harsh weather

Contact the manufacturer of your pizza oven to learn more about protecting it from harsh weather conditions. A team like The Wood Fired Co, for example, are happy to tell you their recommendations for keeping your pizza oven safe. Pizza ovens are easy to protect from harsh weather, so don’t let this get in the way of investing in your very own pizza oven. To make this happen, get in touch with The Wood Fired Co! The Wood Fired Co create top-quality pizza ovens right here in Australia, using Aussie materials to create a durable wood-fired oven. Check out their stunning range at affordable prices online, or contact The Wood Fired Co today to make your pizza oven dream come true.

Two different flavored whole pizza - The Woodfired Co
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