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How to Make Pizza at Home That’s Better Than Takeout

Sick of takeaway pizza? Its lack of freshness and varying flavours? The first few minutes of bliss, and then the hour or two of deep regret as the oiliness and cheesiness sits heavy in your stomach? Yeah, we totally get that.

It’s no wonder why, then, you’d want to make pizza at home that’s cheaper, tastier and healthier than takeout pizza. We’ve got good news for you! It’s certainly possible. Here’s how:

Investing in a pizza oven

The first step to creating truly marvellous pizza which is better than any takeaway option, is to invest in an outdoor pizza oven. This is the way pizza was intended to be made: at super high heat, and using wood as the source of fuel. This is why authentic Italian pizza has that distinct smoky flavour and unbeatable texture. The base is always cooked evenly, giving it a crunchy texture, while the crust is always puffy and crispy. 

Why invest in a pizza oven?

You may think it’s a big decision, but once you weigh it all up, buying a pizza oven is actually a really smart move. 

  • Perfect for other foods

    Aside from making the tastiest damn pizzas in the hood, you’ll also be making your neighbours jealous when they smell the heavenly aromas of other foods coming from your backyard. Meats, chargrilled vegetables, homemade bread, fish and even desserts can be cooked in your pizza oven.
  • Added home value

    Pizza ovens are a huge bonus for potential homebuyers. Pizza ovens add value to your home, so if you sell it in a few years’ time, you’ll make your money back or even make profit on the pizza oven!
  • No better way to entertain

    Nothing beats sitting down with family and friends, enjoying a beverage and waiting for your delicious homemade pizzas to be ready. Then, share them amongst everybody when the pizzas are cooked!

It’s not hard to make the perfect pizza

Here are some tips for making pizza that’s better than takeout:

Perfect the dough

Study your dough recipes and do a few practise runs. Then, you’ll be prepared when it comes to the real deal.

Select the best toppings

Choose flavours that are simple and will allow you to perfect them quickly. Then, you can roll with some more complex recipes.

Get the stone super hot

Part of the secret to making pizza that’s better than takeout lies in getting the pizza stone super hot. Heat rises, so although your oven chamber may be reading 400 degrees Celsius, your stone may not be that hot yet. Preheat it before the pizza goes in. 

Keep the temperature and timing consistent

The chamber temperature has to be kept at a consistent temperature the whole time your pizzas are cooking. 

See? Making pizza at home is simple. The Wood Fired Co. are the team of oven manufacturers who make your pizza crafting dreams come true. They make some of Australia’s best pizza ovens, using the finest refractory bricks to make a lasting, reliable oven. Grab a quote from the Wood Fired Co. and have one of their ovens shipped to your place!

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