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How To Choose The Right Commercial Fire Oven

Whether you’re starting a new hospo business, or finding the missing ingredient to your current restaurant, there’s one main tool you’ll need to thrive: the perfect commercial fire oven. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best one for your business:

Kitchen space and oven size

Physics is important when choosing the right commercial fire oven. Obviously, you’re not able to defy the laws of space, and fit a commercial fire oven that is bigger than your kitchen itself. You need to choose wisely with regards to the size of your commercial oven, considering the space of your kitchen and the safety of mobility for your workers around it.

P/h: Pizzas Per Hour

For commercial kitchens, we like to use our very own measurement: pizzas per hour (p/h). The number of pizzas you need to make per hour greatly depends on your busiest night (usually Friday or Saturday) and the amount of customers you have ordering pizza during those times. It also depends on restaurant size – a hole-in-the-wall pizza shop probably won’t be producing as many pizzas as 50-seat Italian restaurant. The Calabrese Grande Neo from the Wood Fired Co, for example, can produce up to 150 pizzas per hour, with an 8-10 pizza capacity. This makes it suitable for both humble, laidback pizza shops and large, table-service restaurants.

Quality-built, reputable brand of ovens

Whether we’re talking about cars, computers or pasta, the manufacturer of these items plays the key role in their quality. It’s the same for choosing the right commercial fire oven; invest in a reputable, high-quality manufacturer of ovens, rather than finding the cheapest one off eBay or… trust us, it’s bound to end badly! The Wood Fired Co. offer premium-grade, Italian and Australian commercial ovens that are suitable for all types of restaurant kitchens. They have a large range of commercial ovens which have a life expectancy of up to 25 years with proper care. Durability and product quality are the cornerstones of the Wood Fired Co.

Gas, wood-fired, or hybrid oven?

Another consideration when choosing the right commercial fire oven: what’s powering it? Wood-fired ovens have always been the traditional choice of Australian restaurant owners, taking inspiration from the original, rustic pizza makers of regional Italy. With its distinct flavour and reliable, powerful heat, wood-fired ovens will never go out of fashion. But gas-fired ovens have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to their convenient operation and ease of maintenance. One thing to consider when choosing the right commercial fire oven is the option of hybrid: a combination of both wood- and gas-fired ovens. The Wood Fired Co can provide a gas burner for any size of oven, creating the perfect hybrid fuel system. The Wood Fired Co have been creating Australia’s best commercial and domestic fire ovens for over 10 years. Manufacturing top-quality ovens for daily use, the Wood Fired Co deliver affordable yet reliable ovens that your business can depend on, day in, day out. Browse the range of commercial ovens from the Wood Fired Co and make an inquiry with a team member today.

Pizza dough making - The Woodfired Co
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