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How Big Should Pizza Oven Be: Our Guide to Choosing The Perfect Wood Fire Oven Size

So, you want your wood fire pizza oven in your backyard and have already found a trusted supplier to order it. Congratulations on taking the first step toward creating a culinary haven in your outdoor space! 

While the allure of wood-fired pizza is undoubtedly exciting, determining the right size for your oven is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your cooking experience.

It can be confusing, and with the wide range of sizes and types available in the market, we understand that the prospect can be overwhelming. 

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Standard Sizes of Pizza Oven Depending on Types

Wood-fired pizza ovens come in various types, each with its own set of standard sizes. Here's an overview of standard sizes based on common types of wood-fired pizza ovens:

Traditional Brick Ovens:

Residential Sizes: Typically have an interior diameter ranging from approximately 610 mm to 914 mm. Heights can vary, but a common range is around 355 mm to 457 mm.

Commercial Sizes: Larger brick ovens for commercial use can have interior diameters exceeding 914 mm, with some reaching up to 1219 mm or more.

For example, our 850 PRECUT Brick dome oven kit has 50mm underfloor insulation. It includes pre-cut elements such as 50mm floor and front dress tiles, 115mm dome/chamber bricks, door arch bricks, and flue arch bricks. The oven has a 450 x 150mm commercial flue system with a hat, a 3mm plate black steel door with a temperature probe, and a stainless steel exhaust cap with brick exhaust trim. 

Portable or Countertop Models:

Compact Sizes: Suitable for smaller spaces and personal use, with interior diameters ranging from approximately 406 mm to 559 mm.

Medium Sizes: Versatile for personal and small-scale gatherings, with interior diameters ranging from approximately 559 mm to 762 mm.

Large Sizes: Ideal for events or larger groups, with interior diameters exceeding 762 mm.

Steel and Clay Ovens:

Compact Sizes: Commonly found in residential settings, interior diameters range from approximately 610 mm to 762 mm.

Medium to Large Sizes: Suitable for residential and light commercial use, with interior diameters ranging from approximately 762 mm to 914 mm or more.

Customized or Specialty Ovens:

Varied Sizes: Custom-built or specialty wood-fired pizza ovens can have unique dimensions based on the client's specifications and intended use. Sizes can range from small personal ovens to large, multi-functional installations.

Hybrid Ovens (Wood and Gas):

Flexible Sizes: Hybrid ovens often come in various sizes to accommodate user preferences. Sizes can align with traditional wood-fired oven dimensions while offering the convenience of gas ignition. If you are interested on exploring gas pizza ovens, you can see our collection here

The good thing about wood-fired ovens is that you can have them customized. We often tell our clients that a wood-fired oven's beauty lies in its ability to create mouthwatering dishes and adaptability to your unique preferences. 

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What is The Best Size for a Wood Fire Pizza Oven, Then?

Determining the perfect size of a pizza oven is a tricky question to answer. Usually, whenever our clients ask us the best size for their pizza oven, we emphasize that the "best" size depends on various factors tailored to their specific needs and preferences. It's not a one-size-fits-all scenario but a personalized decision influenced by how you envision using your wood-fired oven.

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Wood Fire Oven Size

Choosing the right size for your wood-fired oven is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your cooking experience. 

Intended Use

Therefore, consider how you want to use your wood-fired oven. Are you a master at making weekend pizza, or are you hoping to have huge parties in your backyard? Determining the ideal oven size will be easier if you know your main use. A smaller oven may be enough for single pizzas, but consider getting larger to host pizza parties.

Space Available

Examine the location where you intend to put your wood-fired beauty. Ensure that the fit is snug without sacrificing style. Consider the oven's footprint and the space needed for ventilation and easy access. A happy oven needs a happy space!

Capacity Requirements

Let's talk numbers – how many pizzas do you want to cook at once? If your answer is "a lot," you'll want a larger oven. A more modest size would be ideal for the family and you. It's similar to discovering Goldilocks that fits your pizza-related mishaps.

Cooking Style and Menu

Other than pizza, what else is on the menu? An oversized oven is your culinary ally if you plan on hosting elaborate roasts or trying new recipes. However, if making pizzas is your thing, a smaller oven might be the way. Fit the size of your oven to your culinary aspirations!

Frequency of Use

How often do you think you'll use the oven? You don't need a huge oven for frequent pizza nights; one that fits your cooking schedule will work fine. The sweet spot is when something is both perfectly sized and efficient.

Budget Constraints

Money talk! Everybody has a budget to think about. Find the sweet spot where size and pricing work out because larger ovens are sometimes more expensive. A happy wallet and a happy oven – the dream team!

Installation and Accessibility

Picture this: easy installation and breezy access. Consider the logistics of getting your oven in place. No one wants a headache during setup. Ensure your chosen size doesn't turn your installation into a drama, and accessibility is as smooth as that perfect pizza slide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required space for a pizza oven?

Depending on its size and design, a pizza oven may require a different amount of room. Smaller home ovens may require an area of 4 to 6 feet in diameter. Greater room may be needed for larger ovens, particularly those used for business. Remember to include space for safety, ventilation, and any other amenities you want to add to your outdoor cooking area.

What is the best shape for a wood-fired pizza oven?

The wood-fired pizza oven you choose—round or square—usually comes down to personal taste and the overall look you want for your outdoor area. While square ovens give a sleek, contemporary appearance and effective space utilisation, round ovens offer a classic, timeless appearance with even heat distribution. Ultimately, the ideal shape will rely on your taste and the atmosphere you like to create.

Is wood-fired pizza worth it?

Absolutely! Wood-fired pizza is worth it for its unique and delicious flavor. The high temperatures in a wood-fired oven result in a crispy crust and a distinct smoky taste that is hard to replicate with other cooking methods. The experience of crafting and cooking your pizza in a wood-fired oven adds a special touch to your culinary endeavors, making it a worthwhile investment for pizza enthusiasts.


Just like selecting the ideal pizza topping, selecting the proper size and shape comes down to what makes you happy. Choosing an oven that complements your style and available space can make all the difference, whether you choose a sleek square model or a cozy round one.

Is it worth it to buy a wood-fired pizza oven now? Absolutely. The sizzle, the smell, that crispy crust – a whole experience. It's not just a cooking tool; it's a taste adventure in your backyard.

What's the best thing, then? You can use a little room. Once you've found the ideal location, let the wood-fired magic begin. So, next time you're pondering pizza dreams, remember that size matters, shape counts, and the joy of wood-fired goodness is always worth it. 

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