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How to Choose the Perfect Gas Pizza Oven for Your Patio

Much like its cousin, the beloved wood-fired variety, the gas pizza oven has been gaining popularity among pizza enthusiasts here in Australia. If you're making your patio the go-to spot for mouthwatering pizza gatherings, you're in for a treat.

If you're like me, passionate about the perfect slice, you're considering getting a pizza oven on gas for your patio.

As the proud owner of a business specialising in wood-fired pizza ovens, I know something about the joy of perfecting pizza at home.

That's why I'll share tips on choosing the right gas pizza oven perfect for your patio in this blog.

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Types of Gas Pizza Ovens

When it comes to gas pizza ovens, there's no shortage of options to suit various preferences and patio spaces. Understanding the different types can make your decision-making a piece of cake (or pizza!). Let's take a closer look at the main types:

Built-In Gas Pizza Ovens

These ovens are designed to be a permanent fixture and seamlessly integrate into your outdoor kitchen or patio structure.

Pros: Aesthetic appeal, space-saving, often comes with additional features.
Cons: Requires professional installation, less flexibility in relocation.

Freestanding Gas Pizza Ovens

Standalone units can be placed anywhere on your patio without built-in installation.

Pros: Easy to set up, flexibility in placement, often more affordable.
Cons: It may take up more space compared to built-in options

Portable Gas Pizza Ovens

These compact and lightweight ovens are ideal for individuals who prefer pizza on the go or have a limited patio area.

Pros: Portable, adaptable, and ideal for little patios or outdoor parties.
Cons: Generally, there is less cooking capacity, but more capabilities may be found in larger versions.

Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven and Cart

Similar to standalone ovens, but with wheels for better mobility.

Pros: Provides mobility while maintaining stability; can be moved for cleaning or storage.
Cons: Moving may still need considerable work, and larger alternatives are less portable.

Tabletop Gas Pizza Ovens

Compact and intended to be put on a tabletop or other solid surface.

Pros: Small footprint, easy storage, perfect for intimate gatherings.
Cons: Limited cooking capacity, lacking some functionalities.

Hybrid Gas/Wood Pizza Ovens

It offers the flexibility to use both gas and wood.

Pros: Combines convenience with traditional wood-fired flavour.
Allows for experimenting with different cooking styles.
Cons: It may require additional accessories for wood-fired use. Higher upfront cost.

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How To Choose Your Gas Pizza Oven for Your Patio

Consider Your Patio's Size

Consider the available space when sizing your patio for a gas pizza oven. Measure twice and buy once! Ensure that the oven fits comfortably without interfering with your outdoor style. A patio dancing floor is ideal, whereas a tight kitchen is not.

Budget Wisely

Set a budget that works for your pizza-loving pocket. Gas pizza ovens come at a variety of price points. While we all fantasise about a gold-plated pizza palace, realism is essential. Find the sweet spot where quality meets affordability for a worthwhile investment.

Assess Your Pizza Needs

Think about your pizza party plans. How many mouths do you feed? A small household may be alright with a smaller oven. Still, you'll need something larger if you're the neighbourhood pizza caterer for a large group. No one appreciates a pizza bottleneck.

Fuel Source Matter

Choose between propane and natural gas. Propane provides mobility, but you'll need to refuel the tank. Natural gas is convenient, but it requires a fixed gas line. Choose what works best for your setup and keeps your pizza fantasy alive.

Look at the Build Quality

You want an oven that can withstand the heat, literally. Check the materials - stainless steel is a good choice. Make sure it's constructed for the outdoors and can withstand any storm. You do not want your pizza partner to disintegrate under strain. Check out our gallery of outdoor pizza ovens if you are looking for quality build.

Seek Temperature Control Excellence

Precise temperature control is the pizza master's wand. Choose an oven with accurate temperature settings. Consistency is essential; you don't want your pizza to play hide and seek with the heat.

Explore Additional Features

Dive into the world of extra toppings - in oven terms; those are features. Thermometers, lights and timers are the pepperoni and olives of gas pizza ovens. These tiny touches can enhance your pizza game and make the entire experience enjoyable.

Gas Pizza Oven vs Wood-fired Pizza Oven - Which is Better?

Choosing between a gas and a wood-fired pizza oven is like deciding between two awesome pizza toppings – both are good, but which one suits your taste better? Let me share my thoughts to help you decide.

Flavorful Fun

Wood-fired ovens give pizza this special taste – a bit smoky and super yummy. It's like adding a secret ingredient to your favourite recipe!

Easy and Quick Cooking

If you're into quick and easy pizza making, a gas oven is like the superhero of ovens. It's like turning on a light – no waiting, just quick pizza joy!

Controlling the Heat

Making great pizza is about getting the heat just right. Gas ovens are like a wizard's tool – you can set the temperature just how you like it. No pizza stress!

Cooking Anything, Anytime

Gas ovens aren't just for pizza – they're like your kitchen buddy for everything. From baking to roasting, they're up for any cooking adventure.

Cleaning Made Simple

After a pizza party, cleanup should be simple. Gas ovens are like that: a simple wipe, and you're done. No worries; it's simply more time to enjoy pizza!

Cosy Vibes

Wood-fired ovens give a cosy atmosphere to your home. It's like having a mini-bonfire. If you want a warm, cosy pizza experience, a wood-fired oven is the way.

Fuel Choices

Wood-fired ovens require a constant supply of good wood. It is a bit of labour. On the other hand, gas stoves only require a gas source - no need to bother about wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a gas pizza oven for anything except pizza?

Absolutely! Gas pizza ovens are multifunctional and can perform a variety of cooking jobs. From baking to roasting, they're like a one-stop shop for the kitchen.

Do wood-fired ovens need a lot of maintenance?

Wood-fired ovens require more attention. The wood supply is regularly cleaned and inspected to keep the fires running for the ideal pizza experience.

Are gas pizza ovens suitable for small patios?

Yes, definitely! Gas pizza ovens come in various sizes, including compact models perfect for smaller patios. They offer the convenience of a pizza oven without taking up too much space.

Can I install a gas pizza oven, or need professional help?

While some gas pizza ovens are designed for easy installation and can be set up by DIY enthusiasts, others may require professional assistance, especially if you're integrating a built-in model into your outdoor kitchen.


Having a gas pizza oven on your patio is a great addition. It's like bringing a slice of the pizzeria right to your doorstep. With the right choice, your patio becomes a pizza paradise – where dough becomes magic and cheese turns into joy.

Now, choose the gas pizza oven that fits your style, and let the pizza parties begin. It's not just about the oven; it's about creating memories, one slice at a time. Happy pizza-making in your very own patio pizza paradise!

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