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How to Buy an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Buying an outdoor pizza oven is easy. You go online, browse The Wood Fired Co’s range of ovens, add one to cart and whack in your credit card details. Simple as pie! But before you do this, there’s a little bit of research that needs doing. Don’t worry – this type of research is fun and exciting, and nothing like the research you used to do for high school essays. Here are some tips on how to buy an outdoor pizza oven, what to look for and why The Wood Fired Co should be the first place you look.

Assess your space

Like an appliance, you need to make sure your outdoor wood-fired oven fits your outdoor area. You wouldn’t buy a fridge that doesn’t fit your kitchen, just like you wouldn’t buy a pizza oven that doesn’t fit your outdoor dining space. The good thing about outdoor pizza ovens is that you’re not as limited in terms of dimensions and you can always shift things around to accommodate your oven.

Plot the perfect alfresco dining area

Then, plot out your alfresco dining area. Think about tables, chairs, cooking benches and your outdoor oven. Arrange the plot logically and ergonomically so that movement in the outdoor kitchen is as efficient as possible. If you’re installing an advanced kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and pergola, you might want to consult a professional.

Choose your size of oven

Now it’s time to figure out the perfectly-sized pizza oven for you. This doesn’t just come down to the size of your outdoor area – it’s mainly to do with how often you entertain friends and family. If you’re an avid host, you’ll need a large oven like the 1500mm Round Dome Pompeii brick pizza oven from The Wood Fired Co which fits around 12 pizzas. The Wood Fired Co have pizza ovens to suit every household, from small to large.

Choose your material

Want the traditional flavours of a brick pizza oven, or the modern convenience of a stainless steel one? Choosing your material is important. While brick ovens are more classic and hold the heat better than stainless steel ovens, they require a little more cleaning. Stainless steel is low-maintenance but doesn’t hold the heat as well. So, it’s a compromise.

Buy that oven

Once you’ve determined exactly what you need, it’s time for the fun part: buying the oven! The Wood Fired Co have options for DIY ovens, or can send a technician to build them for you. The Wood Fired Co are Australia’s best team for high quality, authentic Italian ovens. Combining Aussie bricks and workmanship with Italian style and design, there’s no better wood-fired pizza oven on the market. Built to last, the range of products from The Wood-Fired Co are a one-time and lifetime investment.

Healthy home made pizza - The Woodfired Co
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