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How much is a Pizza Oven for home

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a homemade wood-fired pizza. You’ve put love into making the dough, you’ve selected all your favourite fresh toppings, you’ve fired up your marvellous pizza oven and have produced a delicious meal for you and your family and friends to enjoy. The best part is, it works out a whole lot cheaper, tastier and healthier than if you were to buy a bunch of pizzas from a restaurant. But how much is the initial cost of buying the pizza oven for your home in the first place? There’s good news in this department. Remember when flat-screen TVs cost the same amount as a pretty decent car? Now you can buy them for peanuts at JB Hifi or Harvey Norman. The same thing goes for home pizza ovens; they were once expensive as all get out, and now there’s a range of affordable options. We’ll take you through some factors that influence the cost of pizza ovens for home.


Like most things, the largest variety is going to be the most expensive. Think about flat-screen TVs – a 50” is going to be a lot pricier than a 25”. A larger pizza oven is going to cost more than a small one. There are more materials, like brick or steel, used to make the pizza oven.


Another thing to consider when asking much is a home pizza oven is the material it’s made from. The most popular choice is brick, which holds the heat extremely well and arguably creates the best pizza ovens. Steel is another option, which tends to be slightly cheaper than brick, but doesn’t retain heat as well and therefore makes arguably lower quality pizzas. If you ask us what our choice would be, we’d tell you there’s a reason that pizza ovens have been made from brick for 2000 years – why go changing that now?


The manufacturer of your pizza oven will also impact the cost. You could go to some boujee pizza oven manufacturer who charges you an arm and a leg for a ‘designer-looking’ pizza oven. But that won’t help you make great pizza. Pizza ovens should be made by experts, who build them to ensure years of use at an affordable price. This is what The Wood Fired Co is all about. While there are a few other things that determine the cost of a pizza oven, these ones are the biggies. If you’re in the market for a home wood-fired pizza oven, there’s only one name you need to remember: The Wood Fired Co. They’re Australia’s specialist pizza oven manufacturer, creating ovens for domestic and commercial use. Check out their range online or give them a call to get your homemade pizza dreams happening.

Whole pizza freshly baked - The Woodfired Co
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