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How Do You Get a Crispy Crust on a Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Originating from Naples, Italy, pizza has become a fan-favourite with foodies all over the world. It’s a versatile option and seems to work for all occasions. It’s perfect for a children’s birthday party, great to eat with colleagues after a hard working week or an essential when watching the game with friends. It’s a simple fact: wood-fired pizzas are elevated pizzas. Fresh ingredients, the perfect sauce and a crispy crust are the key to a great pizza. The Wood Fired Co share some tips on how to get a crispy crust on a wood-fired pizza, making sure you get it right each time.

Getting the right temperature

Cooking your pizza in a wood-fired oven is your best chance at getting a crispy crust. A wood-fired oven cooks at a much higher temperature than a conventional oven - meaning it takes much less time. This removes any moisture during baking and leaves you with that glorious, crispy crust, which is fluffy and doughy on the inside - the type of dough we all love.

Avoid overloading the toppings

It can be easy to become topping-happy, feeling the need to place a copious amount of everything on your pizza, but sometimes less is more. Overloading the toppings isn’t just a faux pas in the eyes of the Italians, but can also effect the crust due to all the added moisture placed on top of your pizza.

Investing in a pizza stone

Investing in a pizza stone is a game-changer. The stone distributes the heat evenly so the pizza cooks perfectly, but, most importantly, extracts moisture - which gives you that crispy crust.

Don’t skip the olive oil

This seems like a basic step, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Drizzling a small amount of olive oil around the pizza crust will help achieve crispy goodness.

Burning the same type wood

Sticking with the same wood type ensures that the cooking process is consistent throughout. Hardwoods are more desirable over softwoods, as it allows for a slower and more even burn to enhance that lovely smoky flavour.

Perfecting the dough

You’ve considered all other factors, but truth be told there’s no substitute for the perfect dough. The perfect dough will give you a crispy crust, soft in the middle and little blistered bubbles on the outside for the ultimate flavour and texture sensation. Usually, the dough consists of just a few ingredients - flour, olive oil, salt, yeast and water. Dough can be technique-sensitive; there are loads of tips and tricks online. So, it’s best to have a practise and once you’ve found a method that works for you, stick with it. Now you’ve got all the tips and tricks to getting a crispy crust on your pizza. It’s time to invest in your very own wood-fired pizza oven. The Wood Fired Co engineer world-class pizza ovens right here in Australia, creating premium wood-fired ovens. Check out their impressive range at affordable prices online, or contact The Wood Fired Co today to start your journey.

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