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Favourite Wood Fired Foods and Pizza Toppings

People sometimes think that a wood-fired pizza oven can only be used to make pizza. False, false and false. Wood-fired ovens were the only type of ovens available before the invention of electric ovens. So, anything you’ve ever made in a conventional oven can also be made (and made better) in a wood-fired oven. Here are some of our favourite wood-fired foods and pizza toppings, brought to you by the experts from The Wood Fired Co.


There’s only one thing better than making pizza in your pizza oven: making focaccia! This traditional Italian bread makes a warm, comforting and filling lunch food. Choose classic fillings like turkey and mozzarella or salmon and avocado. Then get your dough, bake it in the wood-fired oven and enjoy a crisp, healthy lunch.

Beer can chicken

Beer can chicken is a revolutionary way of cooking a chook, and it’s ideal in your pizza oven. Grab a standard Aussie beer, drink two thirds of it, stick the chicken on the can and place it into your wood-fired oven so that it’s standing upright on the can. Wait until your chook is cooked and enjoy a juicy, fresh chicken. This is the best way to cook smoky, hot chicken at high heat without it becoming dry.

Winter veggies

You can cook all sorts of veggies in your pizza oven, but there’s something so wholesome about enjoying wood-fired winter veggies. Roast veggies are perfect to get more health into your life, and they cook super well in an outdoor wood-fired oven. Try everything from potatoes to broccolini to Brussels sprouts! Winter veggies are the perfect side dish for home-cooked pizza.


Winner, winner, fish dinner! Fish is one of the best dishes to make in your wood-fired oven. Get a fillet of your favourite fish, season it with some pepper, lemon juice, salt, chilli, dill or even some capers. Bake it in your pizza oven and reap the health benefits of a delicious fish meal.

Best pizza toppings

There are no rules when it comes to pizza toppings. Think about the first person to put pineapple on pizza – imagine the reactions they got! Since then, pineapple has become a staple ingredient on pizza. So, what do the pros of pizza-making consider the best toppings? Let’s find out:
  • Tomato
  • Herbs like basil, oregano and thyme
  • Traditional meats like salami, prosciutto and Italian baked ham
  • Prawn and pesto
  • Nightshades like capsicum and eggplant
  • Artichoke
  • Mushroom

The Wood Fired Co offer premium quality, Australian-made wood-fired ovens can be used to make not only pizza, but roast meat, veggies, fish and a whole bunch of other healthy, delicious dishes. Browse their range of quality crafted ovens and get in touch with the team The Wood Fired Co today.


Fresh sardine fish - The Woodfired Co
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