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Do Pizza Ovens Make a Difference?

Pizza ovens have become a staple in the Australian family household. People are getting back in touch with their desire to create beautiful, homemade pizzas and are calling on the traditional wood-fired pizza oven to help them. And besides being a super yummy dinner, it’s also the perfect meal to share with friends and family, bringing everybody closer together. So, if you’ve been making pizzas in your conventional oven for a while, you’re probably thinking of taking that next step: investing in a proper wood-fired oven. But do they really make a difference? Let’s find out:

Flavours galore

Wood-fired ovens make pizza that is bursting with flavour, making it better than any other kind of pizza. The wood gives off a smoky, charcoal flavour which you simply can’t get in a deep-dish pizza. If you want to take your mouth to Flavour Town, hop on the Wood-Fired Pizza Express!

More nutrients

Surely, this is too good to be true. Could we be about to tell you that wood-fired pizza is not only tastier, but it’s healthier?! That is, indeed, what we’re saying. Wood-fired pizzas don’t take as long to cook due to the high heat. This means that your favourite veggie toppings like capsicum, mushroom, artichoke and spinach retain more of their nutrients than in a deep-dish cooking environment. So, you’re doing yourself a favour in terms of health and flavour! Hey, that rhymes.

Consistent, high heat

Part of the difference lies in the incredibly high heat generated by wood-fired pizza ovens. This creates consistency, cooking each one of your pizzas the same as the last. Getting the perfect temperature is possibly the most important thing when it comes to pizza-making and wood-fired ovens allow you to achieve this each and every time. Pizza ovens also absorb more heat than regular ovens, giving your wood-fired pizza have that soft, puffy crust, with crispier toppings.

Faster cooking time

And plus, higher heat equals less time to wait for your delicious pizza feast. Nobody wants to wait around like a chump for their pizza to be made. Wood-fired pizzas only take 2 to 5 minutes to be fully cooked.

Other delicious recipes

People have this misconception that a pizza oven is reserved solely for pizza. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Roast veggies, seafood, focaccias, ribs, steaks – even some desserts can be cooked to perfection in your pizza oven! Get experimental… you might just discover that your wood-fired oven takes your food to the next level. The truth is, a wood-fired pizza oven makes all the difference. You can’t just go out and buy the first oven you see; you’ve got to pick a winner, like the ones from the Wood Fired Co! They’re famous for making Australia’s finest domestic and commercial pizza ovens, delivering them Australia-wide. Get a fantastic oven for a great price when you talk to the team at the Wood Fired Co.

Sliced whole pizza - The Woodfired Co
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