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Common Problems and Fixes with Pizza Ovens

Owning your own pizza oven is the best. You get to craft the perfect pizza, using the best quality dough and the freshest toppings available. You can make pizza whenever you like and have the ability to create healthy, nutritious pizza rather than that oily, unhealthy pizza you get from the big pizza chains. But before you can become the family pizza maestro, it may require some trial and error first. In this post, we go through a few common problems with pizza ovens and how to fix them so that your pizza is perfect every single time.

Oven not hot enough

If your oven isn’t hot enough, then you end up with pizza that isn’t cooked uniformly. It may be cooked in some areas and a little undercooked in others. This can be avoided by increasing the heat on your pizza oven and making sure it always sticks around the optimum temperature. Undercooked pizza could also be the result of not leaving the pizza in the oven for long enough. Make sure you’re cooking your pizzas for an appropriate amount of time. This will help create a consistently perfect pizza.

Pizza crust isn’t crispy

Pizza crust is best when it’s a little crispy and not too doughy or too chewy. This usually has to do with the consistency of the dough. If you use too much olive oil in your dough, the pizza crust will not be crispy. Try using less oil and a little more water in your dough which will result in a crispy pizza crust. Temperature and baking time also help create a crispy pizza crust. Make sure you’ve got the pizza in the oven for an appropriate time and at the right temperature.

Pizza base is soggy

There’s nothing worse than a soggy pizza base! To eliminate the chance of a soggy pizza, make sure you preheat the pizza stone for 30 to 40 minutes. This will ensure that the base cooks properly. Also, keep cooking time and correct temperature in mind.

Pizza crust is too hard

Another common problem when starting out as a pizza maker is the crust being too hard. While we want it to be crispy, we don’t want it to be rock-hard! If your pizza crust is too hard, it could be a problem with the quality of the flour or die yeast or it could also be due to incorrect kneading. Troubleshoot a few of these and enjoy your perfectly cooked crust. Common problems with your pizza ovens will only be at the very start of your pizza oven journey and, after a few attempts, you’ll be a pizza expert. To make this happen, get in touch with The Wood Fired Co! They create top quality pizza ovens right here in Australia, using Aussie materials to create a durable wood-fired oven. Check out their stunning range at affordable prices online, or contact The Wood Fired Co today to make your pizza oven dream come true.

Well cooked pizza baked in fire oven - The Woodfired Co
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