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Choosing a commercial pizza oven

Choosing a commercial pizza oven isn’t easy. There’s a lot riding on this pizza oven: the quality of your business’s pizza and, therefore, even the success of your business itself. Don’t stress yourself out at this decision. It may seem like an impossible one to make at first but, after a bit of research, it’ll all be a lot clearer. Let’s start off by giving you a few things to consider when choosing your commercial pizza oven.

Size of your restaurant

This is the thing to consider when choosing the best commercial pizza oven for you. The larger your restaurant, the larger your pizza oven will need to be. Takeaway order and delivery services are something that should also be factored into the equation. These are a huge part of being a restaurant in this day and age.


Work out an appropriate budget for purchasing a commercial pizza oven. It would be a bit silly to purchase the largest, most expensive oven if you’re only setting up a small place. Similarly, it would be foolish to buy a small oven if you’re setting up a large restaurant, or purchasing a new oven for an established, successful restaurant.

Placement of the pizza oven

Where exactly are you going to put this oven? Popular spots are in the corner so that everyone can see your pizzas being made, or simply against a wall in the kitchen to save space. Outdoor pizza ovens are also increasingly popular. On a warm night, it’s lovely for your guests to spend it outside, watching their pizzas being crafted right in front of their eyes. Think about these options and decide which commercial pizza oven suits your situation the best.


Now we come to the most important part: who makes it? You need a manufacturer who builds their ovens from Aussie materials here in Australia. This way, you know that your oven is built from quality materials and is built to last, providing thousands and thousands of pizzas without any issues. Going with a local means there are no headaches in setting it up and your pizza oven technicians will be with you, every step of the way. Plus, every dollar stays right here in Australia, stimulating our economy. At The Wood Fired Co, they tick all of these boxes and more. Take a deep breath, think about all these factors and then get to work. Choosing a commercial pizza oven becomes a whole lot simpler when you start off with contacting The Wood Fired Co. They’re experts in both domestic and commercial pizza oven production, using all-Aussie materials to create the highest quality pizza ovens. Check out The Wood Fired Co’s commercial pizza oven range online or call up one of their team members today.

Pizza signage - The Woodfired Co
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