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Can I Use a Pizza Oven as a Regular Oven?

We get what you’re thinking: you’d love to put a pizza oven in your entertaining area, but you’re worried whether you’ll eat enough pizza to make it worthwhile. This should be the last of your concerns! Pizza ovens, in many instances, can be used as regular ovens, allowing you to cook some of your favourite dishes and infuse that famously smoky flavour. You can almost use your pizza oven every night of the week, depending on what kind of foods you’re making. Here’s a few great foods you can make in your pizza oven!


While you can make bread in a regular oven, it won’t taste like the real deal unless it’s made in a pizza oven! The high heat and wood-fired flavour is what makes your homemade bread taste rustic and authentic. Giving a loaf of bread, once you’ve perfected your technique, to friends and family is such a simple and wholesome way to tell them you love them.


Forget everything you know about making a roast dinner: the best way to make a roast is in your pizza oven! You’ll have succulent lamb, beef and turkey combined with crisp veggies like broccoli, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts and anything else that makes a regular appearance in your household on roast night. If you’re planning to host Easter or Christmas on a regular basis, then a pizza oven will change the game entirely.


Are you a big fish eating family? There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re in the Mediterranean, sitting outside on a warm day and enjoying beautiful fresh fish with your family and friends. If you thought baked fish in your regular oven was delicious, wait till you try it in your pizza oven! Get a fillet of your favourite fish, season it with some pepper, lemon juice, salt, chilli, dill or even some capers. We can guarantee you that you won’t want to eat fish any other way.


Yep, we’re serious! Your pizza oven can even be used to make desserts. The key to making desserts in your pizza oven is to choose things that benefit from the wood-fired, smoky flavour. Think of things like cheesecakes and cooked fruits which make the perfect dessert for your pizza or roast. There are so many instances in which you can use your pizza oven like a regular oven. And the best part is? Your food will taste even better! The Wood Fired Co. are Australia’s best manufacturer of handcrafted, quality outdoor pizza ovens. They use the finest refractory bricks available, meaning their ovens are built for endless uses, lasting you a lifetime. Get in touch with The Wood Fired Co. to learn more about their pizza ovens or to discuss getting them delivered and assembled today.

Homemade pizza - The Woodfired Co
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