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Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for 2021

Cooking indoors is so yesterday. Chances are, you’ve been making the same meals, over and over again, struggling to find inspiration for something new and exciting to try. You’re a good cook and you’ve absolutely perfected your regular dishes. But you’re on the hunt for new foods, new flavours and new experiences. That’s where an outdoor pizza oven comes in to save the day. They’re so much more than just a pizza-making utensil. They create an atmosphere of entertainment, and add to the vibe of your outdoor area. They’re also the perfect way of cooking a ton of other foods! So, what are some of the best outdoor pizza ovens of 2021?

Something small? The Calabrese 800 range

Say goodbye to your old weekly dinner routine: a new age of home dining has begun! For some Aussie families, a smaller sized pizza oven will do just fine. These allow for a family of four or five to enjoy a Friday night pizza feast, or to have the grandparents around for Sunday lunch. Two of the best small pizza ovens are the Calabrese 800, offering a traditional pizza oven at an affordable price, and the Calabrese 800 Neo, which has a stainless steel front for a modern look and convenience. These ovens are incredible value and have a three pizza capacity, retaining heat for 72 hours.

Something a little bigger? The Calabrese Entertainer range

Most us of love to put on a feed for our family and friends. Whether it’s a casual summer afternoon, or a traditional Christmas or Easter lunch, a medium sized pizza oven is the weapon you need in your arsenal to make sure all of your guests are well-fed. Here’s where we introduce the Calabrese Entertainer range. These gorgeous medium-scale pizza ovens have a five pizza capacity, making it ideal for low-key dinners and larger parties with five to ten people. Roasts are also perfect in the Calabrese Entertainer models, holding enough meat and veggies for family roasts.

Want the best of the best? The Calabrese Grande range

Feel like taking your outdoor pizza oven use to the next level? With the Calabrese Grande range, you’ll be making loafs and loafs of homemade baked bread, roasting meats for Christmas lunches and having pizza parties that keep everybody well fed. These amazing ovens hold a whopping nine pizzas, making them perfect for family roasts. These high quality pizza ovens are Australian-made, by the country’s best pizza oven manufacturer, the Wood Fired Co. Using refractory bricks that are rated at 1500 degrees Celsius, the Wood Fired Co. have the philosophy of delivering the best pizza oven for the price. Contact the Wood Fired Co. to learn more about their stunning range and to discuss delivery and assembly options.

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