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5 Outdoor Entertaining Tips For Spring And Summer

As the weather warms up, the days become longer, and the responsibilities start to decrease, making it the perfect time to invite friends and family over to entertain. Before making any solid plans it’s important to make your outdoor area inviting, so you can have many soirees over the warmer seasons. The Wood Fired Pizza Co share 5 outdoor entertaining tips for spring and summer to help make many memorable moments.

1) Accommodate for the weather

The warmer weather can be relentless, so make sure if you’re hosting a gathering that you’ve got a plan to beat the heat. This includes options like an outdoor ceiling fan in your patio area, umbrellas or locating to a shaded area so your guests aren’t melting in direct sunlight. It’s best to keep an eye on the temperature a few days beforehand so plans can be adapted rather than stressing at the last minute.

2) The right playlist

Choosing the right playlist is essential for any good party, regardless of the season. Have a think about what type of music each guest enjoys and what goes with your theme. When your guests arrive have them add a few songs of their choice to the playlist - this is a great way for everyone to feel included and get in the mood. Make sure the volume isn’t too loud so the music isn’t overpowering when trying to chat with friends... and no skipping songs half-way through! #petpeeve

3) Wood fired pizzas

Barbecues have so been done before. If you want your event to really stand out serve your guests delicious wood-fired pizza. This doesn’t just serve as a meal, but also an activity; set a station up where everyone can choose their own toppings. Your guests will enjoy the task of creating their own perfect flavour and then devouring it.

4) Keep the bugs at bay

Warmer weather means bugs like flies, wasps and pesky mosquitoes also want to get on your guest list. Adding some Tiki torches to your outdoor area will help reduce mosquito activity - as well as give a tropical holiday-like ambience. It’s best to keep a bug repellent on hand in case the uninvited pests really don’t get the hint.

5) The perfect lighting

Lighting always matters! With the right lighting your backyard can be transformed into an elegant outdoor restaurant, looking like it costs thousands to hire for an evening. When hosting an outdoor event the lighting influences the overall vibe. You want to make sure it isn’t harsh and florescent, but also that the space is illuminated enough so people can eat and see one another. Fairy lights are a cute and inexpensive option to lift an outdoor space. They can be draped down poles or twisted around trees to provide adequate lighting, but also give an intimate feel. Purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven is the ultimate investment, and if you go through the right manufacturer it’ll last a life time, allowing you to entertain for years to come. The Wood Fired Co have a range of premium quality, Australian-made wood-fired ovens. Browse their range and get in touch with the team at The Wood Fired Co today.

Shrimp scampi - The Woodfired Co
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