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5 Appliances Every Outdoor Kitchen Should Have

Every indoor kitchen has its essential appliances. If you walked into somebody’s kitchen and they didn’t have a kettle or toaster, you’d think they were crazy, right? The same goes for outdoor kitchens. If you’re wondering what the kettle-and-toaster equivalents are for outdoor kitchens, the experts at The Wood Fired Co outline the essentials in this post.

1) Wood fired oven

The wood-fired pizza oven is, in every way, the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Could we be slightly biased? Perhaps. But why else would you invest in an outdoor kitchen? To put a regular oven in it? We didn’t think so. The wood-fired oven is what truly separates your outdoor kitchen, making it unique. It allows you to make mouth-watering, traditional pizza, along with roast meats and veggies that come out with that distinct charcoal flavour.

2) Sink

Up next, the sink. If you’re serious about installing an outdoor kitchen, then a sink is essential. The outdoor sink allows you to do food-prep, wash fresh veggies and make drinks for you and your guests. It’s also really nifty to be able to do a quick rinse of the chopping board or cocktail shaker when necessary. For most households, a single sink will suffice. But if you really want to go all out and you’re expecting large numbers of guests at your gatherings, then you may as well invest in a double sink, provided you have the space.

3) Bar fridge

To say a bar fridge in your outdoor kitchen ‘comes in handy’ would be a pure understatement. Some things just shouldn’t need to be obtained from your indoor fridge when cooking dinner outside. Your cooking beverage (a glass of wine or beer to enjoy while you cook dinner), for example, needs to be right there, at your feet. Condiments like sauces and spreads are another. And if you’ve got a big feast to cook up, you can save your indoor fridge from being crammed by storing food in your outdoor bar fridge.

4) Grill

When you’re not roasting meat and veg or making pizza, a grill always comes in handy. Fry up bacon and eggs, snags, steaks, eggplant and a whole bunch of other classics using your outdoor grill.

5) Cabinets

Storage cabinets are absolutely essential for your outdoor kitchen. They’re easy to find space for, too – usually under or next to the sink or grill station is the most logical place to have cabinets in your outdoor kitchen. When building your dream outdoor kitchen, consult the experts at the Wood Fired Co. They help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen with one of their premium quality, Australian-made wood-fired ovens. These versatile, durable ovens can be used to make pizza, roast meat, veggies, fish and a whole bunch of other mouth-watering dishes. Say goodbye to indoor cooking and say hello to alfresco living when you invest in an oven from The Wood Fired Co. Browse their range and get in touch with the team today.

Pantry design - The Woodfired Co
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