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3 Ways You Can Elevate Your Pizza Skills

Somewhere in regional Sicily right now, there is an old lady (her name is probably Maria) and she lives in a village of 200 people. As we speak, she is pulling out the most mouth-watering margherita pizza from her old, rustic wood-fired oven: a recipe which was passed down to her by her great-great-great-grandmother. She’s serving it to all the villagers who know that Maria’s pizza simply cannot be beat.

Just from this description, you can probably smell and almost taste that pizza made by our fictional Maria. But who’s to say that making a pizza like that has to be fiction?

In this post, the team at the Wood Fired Co reveal 3 ways you can elevate your pizza skills, so that you’re achieving Maria-worthy pizza in no time!

1) Invest in your first (or an improved) outdoor pizza oven

It’s the quintessential tool you need to make good pizza: a good outdoor pizza oven. If you haven’t yet invested in an outdoor pizza oven, it’s the first thing you need to do to elevate your pizza skills.

You’ll see specious articles all over the internet, telling you how to make ‘perfect’ pizza in your conventional oven. But, sadly, none of them will produce the goods. Because only a proper wood- or gas-fired pizza oven can truly make pizza like you enjoy at Italian restaurants. Why? Pizza needs to be cooked at 400 degrees Celsius, for a short amount of time. Conventional ovens simply can’t produce that heat.

The Wood Fired Co have a huge range of high-quality yet affordable pizza ovens to suit any home on any budget. You’ll see that your pizza is taken to the next level in no time.

2) Experiment with dough

Once you’ve mastered your classic pizza dough recipe (water, yeast, flour and salt), you can move on to trying different recipes of dough that will elevate your pizza entirely. The New York-style dough, for example, is certainly one to try. It has a distinctly thinner base and crust, and higher oil content than your standard Neapolitan-style pizza. New York-style pizza dough is made with 5% olive oil, adding a nice, rich taste and texture to your pizza. Also check out recipes for Sicilian pizza dough, too!

3) Get creative with sauces

We all know how to make a good Neapolitan or ‘Nap’ sauce. But what about if you’re making Mexican, Turkish or Greek-style pizza? Check out different recipes for pizza sauce for these style pizzas – trust us, it’ll totally elevate your pizza skills.

So, you’ve learned the rules – and now it’s time to break ‘em! The Wood Fired Co are all about getting creative in your outdoor kitchen. They’ve been creating Australia’s best commercial and domestic fire ovens for over 10 years. Manufacturing top-quality ovens for daily use, the Wood Fired Co deliver affordable yet reliable ovens that you can depend on, day in, day out. Browse the range of domestic pizza ovens from the Wood Fired Co and make an inquiry with a team member today.

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