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3 Steps To Improve An Outdoor Kitchen

Improving your outdoor kitchen isn’t just a nice thing to do for yourself. It’s an investment! By updating your outdoor kitchen, you add value to your home while making your space more liveable. So, really, it’s a win-win and technically it’s free, because you’ll get your money back in increased home value if you ever go to sell. We take it you’re not here to learn why you should improve you outdoor kitchen but, rather, how to do it. In this post, the outdoor cooking experts at The Wood Fired Co show you how to take your outdoor kitchen from drab to fab.

1) Master the art of feng shui

Improving your outdoor kitchen is all about ‘feng shui’ – the ancient Chinese art of harmonising with your environment. What we mean by this, is that you have to use your space and use it well. Whether you’ve got a large space that you need to make the most of, or a cosy space which needs careful planning, it’s important that you consider the space you’ve got before you go out and start upgrading your outdoor kitchen. Get some inspiration from sites like Instagram and Pinterest, by searching ‘cosy outdoor kitchens’ or ‘wide-open outdoor kitchens’. There’s a myriad of interior design ideas on these sites, and you’ll be able to start envisioning the ideal setup for your outdoor space.

2) Install the perfect wood-fired oven

The next big step? Choose the perfect wood-fired oven. You can do this by checking out the range at The Wood Fired Co and assessing the different sizes and styles. The perfect oven for your outdoor area depends on a few things: how much space are you working with? How many guests would you usually cater for? The Wood Fired Co have high quality pizza ovens in various sizes, from the Calabrese 800, holding three pizzas at a time, to the larger Calabrese Grande, holding up to nine pizzas at a time.

3) New dining furniture

While you could choose to improve other parts of your outdoor kitchen, like installing a sink, a bar and some cabinets, your dining area wouldn’t be complete without comfortable and stylish furniture. Pinterest and Instagram are also great for getting inspo on new dining furniture, so check them out and see what you vibe with. The Wood Fired Co help you bring out the best in your home with one of their premium quality, Australian-made wood-fired ovens. These versatile, durable ovens can be used to make pizza, roast meat, veggies, fish and a whole bunch of other mouth-watering dishes. Say goodbye to indoor cooking and say hello to alfresco living when you invest in an oven from The Wood Fired Co. Browse their range and get in touch with the team today.

Outdoor kitchen -  The Woodfired Co
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