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3 Reasons You Need a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in Your Life

Wood-fired pizza ovens aren’t just a great cooking utensil: they’re a way of life. Firing up the oven and making delicious shared meals, tantalising the senses of your guests as they sit around outside and wait for a fresh, authentic pizza to be served up, perfectly pairing your pizzas with different reds and whites… This is the lifestyle that awaits! If you’re still in two minds about investing in a pizza oven, after reading this post, you won’t be. Here are 3 reasons you absolutely need a wood-fired pizza oven in your life.

1) Unleash your inner entertainer

That scenario up above: did that seem like heaven to you? Do you consider yourself quite the entertainer, and love hosting your nearest and dearest at your home for lip-smacking wine and mouth-watering food? Newsflash, pal: you need a wood-fired pizza oven. These outdoor ovens are the ultimate entertaining tool. They complete your alfresco setup and provide entertainment for your guests as well as delicious food – who doesn’t love watching their meal be cooked up right in front of their eyes? When you have an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven in your life, you get to enjoy great food, great wine and great company whenever you like.

2) Live that European lifestyle

Australia has deep connections with the continent of Europe – particularly Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Perhaps it’s our multiculturalism and large number of Southern European immigrants, our love of the region’s food or our unquenchable thirst for coffee – but whatever it is, we love that European, alfresco lifestyle. Eating outside in spring and summer is such a beautiful feeling, and cooking outside is even better. Say goodbye to your same-old barbecues and say hello to something unique and different.

3) Become the pizza master

There’s one thing you get when you invest in a wood-fired pizza oven that we simply can’t quantify: growth. You grow so much as a chef when you have the constant opportunity to make pizza. You get your dough down to a science, you perfect your topping-to-sauce ratio, you learn how to get the base amazingly crispy while keeping the dough nice and fluffy. And we’re just scratching the surface here, because pizza is just one meal you can cook in your oven. Think of delicious roasted meats, veggies, fish, desserts and more. The bottom line? You need a wood-fired pizza in your life. The best wood-fired ovens come from The Wood Fired Co – Australia’s manufacturer of high quality, authentic Italian ovens. Made from Aussie bricks, Aussie mortar and Aussie workmanship, their range of ovens are the bridge between Mediterranean style and Australian engineering. Browse their selection and speak to an expert from The Wood Fired Co today.

Pizza baked inside a fire oven - The Woodfired Co
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